Damavand National Day
ساعت ٦:٠٩ ‎ق.ظ روز ٢٤ تیر ۱۳۸٥ : توسط : عباس محمدی
In the following text something should be corrected: Abbas Mohammadi is not 
the head of Iran Mountaineering Federation , but the manager of
Mountain Watch Group of the Alpine Club of Iran.
Damavand National Day to be Celebrated in Iran 
 A group of athletes from mountaineering associations are gathering today, 4th of July, in Rineh,
 Mazandaran province, to celebrate National Day for Damavand, the highest peak in Iran.


Tehran, 4 July 2006 (CHN Foreign Desk) -- Damavand National Day will be 

celebrated today in Rineh, northern province of Mazandaran, with the 

presence of a group of enthusiasts, particularly athletes from mountaineering

associations. Attracting the attention of people toward Damavand and

other mountains in Iran as valuable natural sites and highlighting

their importance in the lives of human beings are among the purposes

for this gathering.

The role of Damavand Mountain in Persian legends, history and literature,

the existing problems with the ecosystem of Damavand Mountain, and the 

special place of Damavand in Iran's and the world's mountaineering will 

be discussed in this summit. Commemorating the memories of those mountain 

climbers who were killed on the slopes on Mt. Damavand in the past and 

performing traditional and folk music will be the other programs of 

today's gathering.

Located approximately 50 kilometers northeast of Tehran, Mt. Damavand 

is a dormant volcano which is 5,670 meters (18,598 feet) in height. 

Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in the Middle East.


The  mountain and its surrounding areas are popular hiking, climbing, 

and skiing destinations.

Regarding the registration of Damavand National Day in the Persian 

calendar, Abbas Mohammadi, head of Iran's Mountaineering Federation said:

"the governmental sectors, such as Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism 

Organizations and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance have 

expressed their positive view on this matter. However, it has not been 

announced formally and the case should be studied in the Council for 

Public Culture."

Today's program is held with the attendance of Iran's Mountaineering 

Association, Green Mountain Organization, some NGOs, and family of 

Siavash Yazdani, Iranian mountain climber who was lost in Damavand Mountain 

two years ago. Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, Forest 

and Pasture Organization, and the Environment Organization of Mazandaran 

province have cooperated in holding this ceremony.