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The Bulletin of the Mountain Watch Group                        

No. 2, March 2006 

In this issue:

                Telepheriques; A New Disaster for Mountains of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Iran.

                Campaigne of Mountaineers in Kerman; in this Province, mountaineers and invironmentalists had a protest gathering, against the telepherique project in Khabr mountains (a national park).

                Reports from Kelardasht; Alam Kouh range in Kelardasht region is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Iran.Alam Kouh north face is known among serious  mountaineering communities of the world. Mining in Kelardasht has had heavy impact on forest and grassy slopes of the region. Since last year, citizens of Kelardasht have prevented stone mining in the region; a legal case, and a social challenge is opened in Kelardasht.

                Tochal, a Witness to The Air Pollution and Climate Change; Tochal summit (3965 m.,north of Tehran) is very popular among hill walkers and mountaineers of this big city. One can see (especially in winter) the “inversion of air” and the horrible thick layer of pollution over the city.

          Furthermore, in this article, a comparison is made between the thickness of snow in this year, and that of previous years.

                Some more news and reports from the mountains of Iran….


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